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          • (Anonymously) (Private)
            1 year 4 months ago
            AOP 3640
            Lovely form!
          • (Anonymously) (Private)
            1 year 4 months ago
            AOP 4109
            Beautiful form and art!
          • jitendar kumar (Private)
            1 year 5 months ago
            jitendar kumar patel
          • Briy Gilgeous (Private)
            1 year 6 months ago
            Irina Shabayeva Resort16 Cam1 090
            How do I get a copy of this as a digital .jpg file? I am the model in this picture and my portfolio is on a tablet, I cannot purchase a disk because my laptop doesn't have a disk drive. -Briy 
          • (Anonymously) (Private)
            1 year 8 months ago
            The Set NYC Resort BS-6447
          • Cynthia Rose (Private)
            2 years 1 month ago
            Fashion Minga LA SS14 49
            Something that I have always wished I was better at is applying makeup. It is something that I have such respect for because the women in this picture look so beautiful. I would love to learn a thing or two from a professional. 
          • Cynthia Rose (Private)
            2 years 3 months ago
            Altaf Maaneshia FW14 281
            I freaking love these shoes! I have been looking for some new shoes to wear for my anniversary dinner with my husband. I think that something like this high heel would be perfect for me. I really like that it shoes class, without looking too formal.
            Cynthia |
          • Davidad12 United Kingdom (Private)
            2 years 3 months ago
            Finale Runway Lingerie SS15 2336
            Love the outfit!
          • Cyruspstera02 Philippines (Private)
            2 years 3 months ago
            Made in the USA SS15 BS 245
            This is really something, Wish I could find these type of food in this buffet service and people will find it affordable. 
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